Hello 👋 — I'm Alaa (he/him), a hands-on design thinker based in Seattle via New York, Stockholm, Montréal and Casablanca. Through holistic design and collaboration, I turn ideas into meaningful experiences people love.

As a wearer of many hats, my experience includes: founding companies; leading teams and fostering creative culture; cultivating communities; researching and forecasting trends; visioning concepts; strategizing and growing brands; creative and art direction; designing interfaces; building prototypes; shipping and scaling digital products; shooting and directing films; hosting and DJ-ing events; mentorship and coaching; public speaking; and supporting artists and non-profit organizations. I continue to challenge myself, to always innovate, and am on a life-long pursuit to try new things. I am perpetually curious and committed to the belief that anything is possible.

I am currently thinking about the future of the Internet and developing new ideas in the Web3 space ⛓. Previously, I led design and innovation at Amazon’s Concept Lab. Prior to that I worked at Digital Kitchen, B-Reel and Sid Lee. I’m also 1/2 of Amateur Hour.

As my most recent work hasn’t launched yet or is confidential 🤐, please reach out via email and I can tell you more. An archive of my work through 2016 is available here. If you would like to connect and chat, feel free to schedule a meeting. Thanks for stopping by! ✌