Hello 👋🏽 — I'm Alaa (he/him), a product design and technology leader based in Seattle via New York, Stockholm, Montréal, and Casablanca.

For over 15 years, I've driven innovation and creative excellence, turning ideas into meaningful products and experiences people love. With an approach rooted in research and a love for bridging modern technology and culture, I have led and inspired teams to create across various mediums for some of the world’s most influential brands and artists.

I am currently the Head of Product Design for Dapper Labs working with the Collectives team. I am also the Founder of Grip, a Web3 marketplace for skateboarding digital collectibles. Previously, I led product design and innovation at Amazon's Concept Lab. I also helped transform Dance Church from a niche, in-person fitness class to a high-growth, venture-backed virtual fitness startup. Prior, I worked at Digital Kitchen, B-Reel, and Sid Lee. I'm also 1/2 of Amateur Hour, a board member of the Henry Art Gallery, and a member of Friends With Benefits.

To see my most recent work 🔒, please reach out via email for access. An archive of my work through 2016 is available here. If you would like to connect and chat, feel free to drop me a note. Thanks for stopping by! ✌🏽